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GHS Band Forms

Band Camp Registration - Form to register for Band Camp for the upcoming year.

Notarized Medical Release / Permission Form - This form is must be submitted before a student may participate in any MHS Band activity, including summer band camp.
The form must be notarized before it can be accepted.

Financial Information

Fund Raising - The GHS Band Boosters provide opportunities for students to earn part or all of their band fees. Examples include the annual Fruit Sale and other announced activities. Funds raised in this manner are kept in a dedicated bank account, and may be used toward any band expense. In addition, families may earn concessions credits ($5 per hour per game) by working in the concession stands during GHS, GMS, and Bluefield College football games. Concession credits may only be applied to GHS Band costs.

Band Camp – $300.00* - For all students who attend camp to pay room and board costs for the 'Away Week', a band t-shirt, and a portion of the salaries for the instructional staff (not directors).  It is our desire that no student miss camp due to financial concerns, so please contact the band director if financial arrangements need to be made. Fund raising opportunities are provided by the GHS Band Boosters to help offset the cost of camp.

Spring Trip - Cost TBA -
For any student participating in the spring trip. For planning purposes, the band travels every four years. The next trip is scheduled for the 2019-20 school year.

All District Auditions (collected by GHS Band, but paid to VBODA)
$17.00 to audition.

*Students selected for All-District Band will also be asked to pay a portion of the room charges for the hotel.

Instrument Rental - $0.00
- We do not currently charge a fee for use of school owned instruments.

Fees to Outside Vendors

Marching Band Shoes – $40.00*- Please order marching shoes through Kerr's Music. A representative will attend camp for sizing. The band maintains a stock of 'gently used' shoes donated by previous students that may be used if available.

Students will need to supply their own white socks and any undergarments (Under Armour, long johns, etc.) that they may need for cold weather performances.

*Note: These costs are current, but are subject to change.